Love Klutz!!

All my life I keep running
It’s not like I dint have a home
ALL my rain turned into snow
And all I have is on the road

All those souls,I cant sleep
My heart is on the streets
Where can I find the love
The peace I seek within

Your sipping, slowly sinking
From my arms, from this grip
It’s the light you think you follow
it’s the dark calling your name.

I cant sit, I cant wait
Where you stabbed me is all that aches
Cold inside,I have to abide,
To these set rules of divide

I will wave not say goodbye
Hoping al hold your hand again
Maybe our lips will once more
Take my breath like you did before

Make me smile, share a laugh
Sing the joys of love again
Slowly dance under the moon
Welcoming the dawn of our lives

So sit,slowly wait
Until you come back to my arms
But be ware ,the clock is ticking
The heart on the streets my be brought back

But for now am slowly passing
Eagerly awaiting for your return
Still hopping you’ll come running
Back to me where you belong.



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