Sincerely Anger

face art 2

I cant say those words,”I love you.”
Not again because I said them once before.
You don’t make it easy.
Three words for you
Would be,”I hate you.”

I fell apart as you watched as you looked at another,
Singing my sorrows to everyone who cared why?
Someday I will be strong enough to move on,
Its not like am not tired of being the tick here.
You showed me how I don’t matter,not acting.

If I would fly off,I would never come back.
If I would turn back time,i would avoid meeting and loving you.
Because you wound my mind from ground up,
With all the words and promises.
Sad how they all drained with the rain.

So seek me not in your bed covers,
I will not come crying for help.
Don’t doubt my deed when i loved you indeed.
Maybe because you dint think I was beautiful.
Dint you hear? That the best art is abstract?

Am not low,
Just returning the arrow back to its bow
Leaving this heart ache on the kitchen counter
Going back to the streets that I once loved
Don’t wait up.Am not coming.




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