If I..

If I stay,
Would you clean the bed sheets that you stained,
Would you take the thoughts of her out of your head,
Would you make love to me and me alone,
Only then i would stay.

If I stay,
Can you not pretend to love but love for real,
Can you kiss my lips and make me love again,
Could you hold my hand and brave the storm again,
Only then I could stay,

If I go
You will never find another like me,
You wont have to put up with my noise,
You will have a new script that awaits,
Only if I go.

If I go,
I will have to say goodbye to what we had,
I will ease the hurt ,cat walk the pain away,
I will be the one whom you will always miss,
Only if I go.

But if I stay,
You will have to learn to keep your pans on,
I would have to learn to trust again,
You would have to show that you understand,
Only then we would be.


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