Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some come with love and some just outright cold and conceited. Last evening I saw a photo circulating the web,of a lady sited on a path,leaning on a car,vending fruits. Pity came because she looked unkept,famished and desperate. I could only imagine what she had gone through during the night to warrant her slumber in the early morning.

But from my scrutiny. I realized that only such sombre scenes are often than most the triggers to peoples thoughts of how they take lifes gifts for granted.

Considering how pissed I get when things don’t go my way…a habit am sure I share with most of you. I felt humble and realized that some pain that gets me feeling low is nothing compared to another’s anguish.

It reminds me of a motion picture that I once saw. Where one man was walking but then saw a bike and wished he had a bike, another was riding a bike and wished he had a motorcycle,another was riding a motorcycle and wished he had a car,another had a car but once he saw a cooler car he wished he had that cooler car. It goes on and on about our desires and wants and how man’s mind set is computed such that its not willing to settle for less.

It’s funny how we always want more and view those that have little as unambitious and underachieving,but the truth is our troubles are not there troubles and probably they have less worries than you and are more often than not more happier and life full filed than you. Then again,there those that have it all and are very happy..We all have our different cups of tea.

Happiness is more than a virtue and requires constant nourishment. It means being a bit more patient at the restaurant when the service is slow,saying sorry even if your not on the wrong,forgiving others for mistakes done without them needing to apologize and probably understanding other peoples characters when push comes to shove. Lack of it gives us goosebumps,ulcers,stress,excuses of some sort,lies and lots of broken relationships.

….but always remember that one mans trash is another mans treasure…



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