…. I wanted to know how i could
Probably feel okay with it all
Because av been getting angry at it all
For no major reason at all

So I have bipolar,now what
Just learning to deal with my moods
So far so good
But just stop getting angry
When I get angry


The Public Library and Richard Brautigan


Music of Our Heart

Many years ago I would visit on a regular basis, the South Norwalk Public Library.  While looking through the stacks of books I stumbled upon a man who was sitting at a table. He had a huge stack of books in front of him and was avidly reading a title. He had a brown bag lunch with a sandwich half eaten on top of the folded down brown bag. Odd yet poignant what we remember from our childhood.

I asked the librarian who he was and she said to me, “He comes here every day, rain or shine. Stays until closing time. His mission is to read every book in the library before he dies.” I smiled at her, checked out my books and left wondering about this eccentric person I happened upon. I would see him on subsequent visits to the library and say hello as I passed…

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Comfortably Numb or Just Plain Selfish? I Guess I Don’t Really Care Either Way

On a scale of one to Adele…..

Everyone Has A Story...

broken heart birdsA week or so ago, I was commenting to my daughter about how short-lived true, unadulterated peace lasts, in my life at least. It isn’t that I don’t actually feel pretty peaceful about life in general normally. I do. But on those rare occasions, I literally have nobig problems weighing on me, and that’s the time I’m talking about with Rebekkah. For a time there, I was making enough money to pay ALLof my bills, had a home I love, dogs were happy and healthy, a great friend, a legal driver’s license, love my job, etc. All of this is still true, but Friday, the newest fly came to land in my peace-soaked ointment. Actually, it is a fly that visits my ointments pretty regularly.

Chef called.funny-girl-crying-breakup

I don’t know if it holds true for other ex-wives, but for me, Chef often presents a problem. He is always…

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A’v Found

I remember having cravings
Cravings for a touch so tender
Those hopes that only rode on summers light
But left on winter,on cold nights.

Those hugs that grew to kisses
The feelings that were affection
I got nervous even thinking about it
That i could find someone to love me back
To share my hearts desires.

Everytime I stare into his eyes
The gaze sends me to trances
Mentally blushing,blubbering
Soul seeking,life’s comfort.

Unrealistically real is what it is
Loving someone else apart from myself
Not being afraid to put him first
Finally finding a reason to smile.

That’s why i smile alone,like a fool.
I cant wait to see him
Wake next to him
Feel his lips caress mine
What ad give for those seconds of ecstasy.