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What It’s Like Not Being White –




That is what i thought,until I found out it worth a lot more.
The eye has the ability to look ,compare and absorb objects of any magnitude depending on the viewers interest.

What would you have seen by her age and would you be willing to talk about it.Still if you do,hope that you will not have any regrets in life because you only get to live once.

You can forgive the things time has done but time will never forgive you.

If I..

If I stay,
Would you clean the bed sheets that you stained,
Would you take the thoughts of her out of your head,
Would you make love to me and me alone,
Only then i would stay.

If I stay,
Can you not pretend to love but love for real,
Can you kiss my lips and make me love again,
Could you hold my hand and brave the storm again,
Only then I could stay,

If I go
You will never find another like me,
You wont have to put up with my noise,
You will have a new script that awaits,
Only if I go.

If I go,
I will have to say goodbye to what we had,
I will ease the hurt ,cat walk the pain away,
I will be the one whom you will always miss,
Only if I go.

But if I stay,
You will have to learn to keep your pans on,
I would have to learn to trust again,
You would have to show that you understand,
Only then we would be.

Sincerely Anger

face art 2

I cant say those words,”I love you.”
Not again because I said them once before.
You don’t make it easy.
Three words for you
Would be,”I hate you.”

I fell apart as you watched as you looked at another,
Singing my sorrows to everyone who cared why?
Someday I will be strong enough to move on,
Its not like am not tired of being the tick here.
You showed me how I don’t matter,not acting.

If I would fly off,I would never come back.
If I would turn back time,i would avoid meeting and loving you.
Because you wound my mind from ground up,
With all the words and promises.
Sad how they all drained with the rain.

So seek me not in your bed covers,
I will not come crying for help.
Don’t doubt my deed when i loved you indeed.
Maybe because you dint think I was beautiful.
Dint you hear? That the best art is abstract?

Am not low,
Just returning the arrow back to its bow
Leaving this heart ache on the kitchen counter
Going back to the streets that I once loved
Don’t wait up.Am not coming.



It truly has been a while…..

Writings of a Mrs

It’s been a while….

magazine, nails, woman, hand, fashion, poetry, thoughts,


She learns how to become a cook

How to become a runner

Promises on how to become a better lover

All from just skimming the cover…

She falls for it

She tumbles

Stumbling on the shoestrings

Of her sneakers

That in reality,
just make her meeker

And….shall I even say


Like a beacon

Of society that says

Here I am…

Look at me

I take notice

I read the cover

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THNKING GILRI used to want to write and i thought it would be great considering i was creative and felt really good.

At some point i stopped.I was suddenly caught up in all sorts of things that drew me away from my pen.A friend of mine of whom we used to write and perform poetry was still at it.I remember once she asked why i dint write poetry anymore and all i could say is ,” I don’t have motivation.”

Its true you know!Motivation in writing is the only thing that keeps many writers going.Literally,lack of it is also what make many of us stand on the edge.I woke up one day and sad to say but my creativity was fired by heart ache.It was the fuel to my mind.i felt deprived since i was in a really nice relationship that sad to say dint have any pit falls as such,funny huh!

So i had to make something out of my life experiences.I believe that the best writers are those that write about real life experiences.They make the reader delve from the pages into the scenes in the book.The  ability to write and express feeling is a gift that many envy and is one of he best if not the best gift in the world.I know your wondering about those that don’t really like reading.Well that’s a story for another day.Considering not everyone will like it,thus its for the few that spend days on there computers and note book scribbling the little much they can,those that endure hours in the musical theater listening to classical music,those that attend jazz and poetry concerts wishing they could be part of the entertainment crew given a chance.

writing penEyes are the keys to the soul.Feed your mind through your eyes and sooner rather than later,life will peal like an onion.So before you abandon something you love doing,think and ask yourself how many people find strength in it.

Life is after all a river,many sink while others keep afloat,important thing being,holding on long enough and hoping to find your way to the bank.